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Dont Lose Hope Get back up — quick!!

Dont Lose Hope Get back up — quick!! Did you know? You’re stronger than anything standing in your way. Because you have a purpose that cannot be denied. There is always hope. Success is determined not by how many times you get knocked down, but by how quickly you get back up. You cannot possibly hope to prevent all the setbacks. It is unrealistic to think that you can avoid all the problems and challenges which will most certainly block your path. If the path you’re on is blocked, look for another route, because it is surely there….

If you choose to wallow in anger, self-pity and despair, that will only put you further behind. Is that really what you want?

A hopeless situation changes, as soon as someone cares. As soon as someone believes they can make things better, there is hope.

Dont Lose Hope Get back up — quick!!

Dont Lose Hope Get back up -- quick!
Every moment, every circumstance, every turn of events presents you with an opportunity to act. Take those opportunities, make those actions come to life, and express the purpose that is uniquely you.

Don’t Lose Hope Get back up — quick!!

There is something you can do right this moment, for which you are absolutely the most qualified, the most appropriate, the best suited person to do it. You are better at being you than anyone else in this world. It is your grand, glorious responsibility and the best opportunity anyone could ever hope to have. Get back up. Get back in the game. Get over it. Get going. And do it now. The faster you recover, the more successful you’ll become.